Preventing the summer slide

Author Sherman Alexie wrote, “Literacy is a form of self-defense. If one reads enough books one has a fighting chance. Or better, one's chances of survival increase with each book one reads.”

Reading really is fundamental. Reading every day will help you improve your vocabulary, critical thinking and writing skills. And, reading is fun. Exploring new worlds, learning new things, meeting new characters – fictional or nonfictional – can help stimulate your creativity and imagination.

Keeping your mind strong and healthy is important, especially over the summer months. The best way to exercise your brain is by reading. Tampa Bay Rays baseball players know the importance of staying healthy and strong and keeping their minds active.

You can choose to read any books that interest you. You also can read the Tampa Bay Times. Within the pages of the Tampa Bay Times, in print or online, you will find news, sports, adventure, comics, classifieds and a lot of fun things to do and read about. You can follow articles about the Rays by our world class sports writers.

Below are some suggested book lists by grade levels and subject matters.

Please be aware that Young Adult books are appropriate for middle and high school students; however, young adult books may contain adult-oriented themes. The books on these lists are not being endorsed by the Tampa Bay Rays, public libraries, public school systems or Tampa Bay Times.

Elementary Reading – Prekindergarten through fifth grade level

Young Adult Reading – middle (6-8 grades) and high school (9-12 grades) level

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