Everyday Adventures:
A Florida Outdoors Guide by Terry Tomalin

When it comes to adventure, he wrote the book.

Join Tampa Bay Times Outdoors Editor Terry Tomalin as he visits some of Florida's most unique destinations. From the back country of the wetlands to offshore fishing, this colorful book highlights the beauty of our state, and offers tips and suggestions for those wanting to experience the thrill for themselves.

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"Truth be told, I am just your everyday Joe -- a middle-class kid from the suburbs who spent too much time watching Tarzan movies. Long before Indiana Jones made adventure cool, I dreamed of traveling to far off, exotic places, in search of that rousing life I experienced in the pulsating pages of National Geographic. But it took me a few years and several thousand miles to realize that the excitement I sought was right here in my own backyard." -- Terry Tomalin, Outdoors Editor,Tampa Bay Times